The Urquhart’s Arms

The Urquhart's Arms/>

The Urquhart’s Arms

Arms – “Or, three boars’ heads erased, gules, armed proper and langued azure.
Crest – A naked young lady from the waist upward proper brandishing in her dexter hand a sword azure hilted and pummelled gules and holding in her sinister hand a palm sapling vert.
Motto – Meane Weil, Speak Weil, and Doe Weil.
Supporters – On a compartment below the shield embellished with wallflower having four petals of yellow, two greyhounds proper collared gules with leashes reflexed over their backs or.
Badge – A mermaid proper tail-part gules, crined or and holding a harp also or.”

The chief’s coat-of-arms are the personal heritable property of the chief and come under the strictest heraldic jurisdiction in the world: the Court of the Lord Lyon, King of Arms. Only the chief may use the basic coat-of-arms. Despite popular myth and the availability from many Scottish shops of wall plaques, there is no such thing as a “family name” coat-of-arms or a coat-of-arms that all Urquharts can use.

Any proved descendant of the chiefly family, however remote, has a right to record this coat-of-arms in his own name, but the Lord Lyon in doing so will arrange with him a suitable ‘difference’ to be added to show that the particular descendant in not the actual chief. Any other reputable bearer of the clan surname may also ask the Lord Lyon for a grant of arms, which will also allude to his connection with the clan, but in a slightly different way.

Without recording personal arms, any bearer of the Urquhart surname may:-

  1. use the chief’s crest surrounded by a strap and buckle and
  2. use the clan plant badge – the wallflower

Clansmen now scattered all over the world still have special heraldic rights, protected for them by law, such as are hardly enjoyed by any other peoples.


To All Whom These Presents Do or May Concern,


CLAN URQUHART, Sends Greeting:

            KNOW YE THAT, reposing special trust and confidence in PEOPLE OF SCOTTISH DESCENT BEARING THE NAME CROMARTYwho, believing that they have a special historical connection to Clan Urquhart, have, over the years, expressed the wish that they be counted as members of Clan Urquhart; and taking into account evidence which can reasonably be interpreted as supporting belief in a special connection between the Cromarty Family in Orkney and the Urquhart Family in the Old Sheriffdom of Cromarty, We do hereby welcome into Clan Urquhart all people of Scottish descent bearing the name Cromarty who wish to be counted as members of Clan Urquhart and to give the Clan and its Chief the loyalty and support of true clansmen. By this act, THE CHIEF OF CLAN URQUHART RECOGNIZES CROMARTY AS A SEPT OF CLAN URQUHART,granting its members all the powers, privileges, and honours customarily held by loyal clansmen of Clan Urquhart.

             In testimony whereof, We here place our signature in the City of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, United States of America, this fifteenth day of March in the year Two Thousand.